Paicines Ranch offers free range 100% grass-fed beef and lamb

Pastured Meats

We are proud to offer 100% grass-fed and finished lamb raised in central California. Now in our third year of production, the effects of managed grazing are clear: the forage is healthier, the wildlife is more robust and the flavor of our grassfed lamb is second to none. Your old family recipes are guaranteed to be taken to new heights!

Our sheep live their lives grazing on certified organic pasture and are never confined in a feedlot. We do not use growth hormones or routinely fed antibiotics. Our pastures are certified organic, and are never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides.

What our customers are saying

"I feel incredibly lucky to have access to meat like this. Our first meal was lamb meatballs, my favorite. Claudio was fabulous to work with, and I feel so grateful!"
– Katie W.
"I love having the opportunity to buy lamb raised just a few miles away when the alternatives invariably come from Australia and New Zealand."
– Sarah M. - Thyme Catering
"This steer was awesome!! ... Are you sure they didn't feed this animal any grain"
– Brina
"Ground beef was awesome all the way around. Best hamburgers we've ever had, that's what the kids said too (8 and 5 years old)."
– Carl C.
"I love the ground beef packaged in 1# packages. Low fat, easy to use when I don't have a dinner game plan. It tastes very good and I know it is 'safe'. I'll be ordering more soon."
– Beth H.
"Paicines beef tastes like the meat my mom served when I was growing up in the 1950s. It's so nice to enjoy beef again. I have tried grass fed beef from other sources, and have found nothing as good as the beef from this ranch."
– Kathey H.
"This weekend, we bought your only brisket. Then, I bought another one at (local up-scale market with butcher), and with our dinner guests, we did the taste test. We all agreed – without a doubt – your grass fed brisket was far and away better than (up-scale market’s)."
– Beth H.
"To think we could eat ground beef that came from just one cow that has been a healthy diet free of additives will allow me to eat hamburgers again (haven't had one in ages)."
– Brian