#NoRegrets Initiative

The interconnected life of soil is beautiful and complex, and mind-blowing in its potential for regeneration, and we envision capital flowing in a way that mimics this diverse natural ecosystem.

With this intention the #NoRegrets Initiative took root as an integrated relationship-centered approach that uses a variety of capital – human, natural, investment, and philanthropic – to affect change in our agricultural food system. We activate our efforts through four entities - Paicines Ranch, Cienega Capital, Globetrotter Foundation, and the Paicines Ranch Learning Center, all working together to inform and inspire others about the interconnected life of the soil and its capacity to grow resilient communities in a changing climate.

We invite you to explore the #NoRegrets website to learn more about our work and the community of farmers, ranchers, scientists, educators, advocates and non-profits that we support.

Soil at Paicines Ranch Learning Center Workshop

Learn more about the #NoRegrets Initiative at our website: