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Located in central California's San Benito County, Paicines Ranch is a historic 7,600-acre ranch that works to regenerate ecosystems by growing healthy soil, nutrient-dense food and vibrant, diverse communities.

Using the practices of regenerative agriculture, the ranch team manages this diverse landscape in partnership with nature and livestock to produce 100% grass-fed-and-finished lamb and beef, and pastured pork, turkey and eggs. We also grow organic grain, as well as organic grapes in a polyculture vineyard that is designed to be managed by sheep. Every day invites a new challenge to combine human creativity with the brilliance of nature.
Over the years, the ranch has become a renown destination for learning about regenerative agriculture through our programs and educational workshops while also serving as a treasured location for hosting weddings, retreats, and events.
We invite you to stay with us in one of our cottages and explore all this landscape has to offer. Whether it be traversing through the Oak Forest, digging into the soil, meeting our frolicking lambs, or chatting with friends under a starry night sky amongst the owls, here at Paicines Ranch you will experience an unforgettable connection with each other and with nature.
Shepherdess among sheep Paicines Ranch by Alicia Arcidiacono
Paicines Rainbow Ranch Sheep -by Alicia Arcidiacono

The Story of the Land


Located in the unceded Mutsun territory of central California, the history of the land that Paicines Ranch sits on reflects the history of the region and the state, both culturally and environmentally. For thousands of years, the indigenous people stewarded the landscape of the area, but late in the 18th century, tremendous change began with the introduction of European domesticated animals, plants, management ideas, and the view that the earth is here to be exploited for financial gain. Our work today is to begin to restore some of the original abundance and diversity that the indigenous peoples thrived on for generations.



The Paicines Ranch landscape encompasses a diverse ecosystem from oak forests to lush riparian to sage chaparral to incredible cliffs formed from geologic shifting. Within these habitats, a bounty of organisms thrives from the microscopic bacteria and fungi to the bloom of native grasses to the mammals grazing this grass to the owls hunting these mammals. All of the life and land are intricately tied together and balance in natural cycles.

San Benito River by Alicia Arcidiacono
Friendsgiving at Paicines Ranch

Our Team


Meet the people who steward this land and make it all happen.



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Edible Monterey Meet your Meat Paicines Ranch Issue
Shepherdess with lamb eating hat by Alicia Arcidiacono

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Paicines Ranch is nestled in the heart of San Benito County among the sweeping oak-studded hillsides, about one hour south of San Jose and two hours south of San Francisco. We hope you will visit soon!

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