Paicines Ranch offers free range 100% grass-fed beef and lamb

How to Purchase Meats

Order Direct

You can order direct from the ranch by sending e-mail to or calling the ranch office at 831-628-0288.


You can pick up an order of any size in Saratoga, San Jose, or at the ranch by appointment.


Free delivery in Santa Clara County for orders over $200 to a single location.

Contact us via email for more information.

Order Through Our CSA Partners:

Eating with the Seasons
We work with Eating with the Seasons to provide weekly delivery of meat, along with local fruits, vegetables, eggs, and chicken to their subscribers. There is an opportunity to order beef monthly, and there is no delivery charge for any size order for subscribers. For more information visit

Savor the Local
We are now working with Savor the Local, a Carmel based CSA bringing local produce, seafoods and meats to the Monterey Penninsula. Learn more at


If we would need to ship beef to you, we encourage you to visit the web site and find a supplier who is local to your area. We find it very difficult to justify shipping beef because of the huge energy cost and the cost to the consumer.