Paicines Ranch:  agriculture overview

Agriculture Overview

The challenge facing 21st century agriculture is to design new models and systems that regenerate ecosystems while producing healthy food. The foundation for these systems is healthy soil, which requires diverse, green, growing plants as much of the year as possible, covered soil, as little tillage as possible, few if any chemicals, and grazing animals. We are starting with degraded soils, and it will take all of our human creativity working in partnership with nature, to make the needed changes. The principles that we working from are here.

The Paicines Ranch consists of approximately 7000 acres of rangeland , 550 acres of row crop ground , and 25 acres of vineyard , all certified organic. In all 3 areas we are making changes to move towards more perennial systems, more complexity, and more diversity. We expect that as we make changes in management, we will, through our monitoring , see changes in soil characteristics, above ground plant and animal communities, and productivity.

We expect to grow more, better food, sequester carbon which will help mitigate climate change, improve water quality in downstream waterways, increase our resilience in the face of climate variability, create an abundance of life, and generate more profit in the medium term.

Agriculture overview