Paicines Ranch:  farming principles

Farming Principles for Paicines Ranch

  1. Treat soil as a complex living entity and manage for maximum health, carbon, water holding capacity, crop quality and resilience
  2. Design Polycultures for integration of livestock in order to address multiple management functions including nutrient cycling, vegetation control, suckering, pest suppression and successional development of plants and soils
  3. Encourage biological components with multiple ecological and economic attributes such as livestock for grazing/browsing, fiber, meat, milk, and offspring; plants for food, forage, shade, windbreak, nitrogen, deep nutrient cycling and habitat for insects and wildlife
  4. Maximize diversity inside and outside crop plantings to include hedgerows, pollinator plants, companion plants and beneficial insect, wildlife and predator habitat plantings – emphasize native plants
  5. Manage croplands to match or exceed diversity and health of exemplary regional standards
  6. Encourage passion, inquiry, trust, support and collaboration in a work environment that is creatively, economically and intellectually rewarding as well as fun
  7. Create exceptional quality, nutritional density and distinctiveness in all products.
  8. Provide open sharing and dissemination of the practices and principles being utilized as well as our knowledge and understanding of this project including training and educational workshops
  9. Monitor to direct management and document all relevant indicators
  10. Develop and favor practices that are proactive in regards to the reality of declining resources (fossil fuel, fertilizer, water) increasing population and climate change.
  11. Make maximum use of solar energy and minimum use of fossil fuels