Paicines Ranch offers free range 100% grass-fed beef and lamb

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For additional information or to place your order, send email to Paicines Ranch.

If you would like a certain weight for a particular cut, let us know, and we will attempt to accommodate your request. Once we have received your order and pulled your product from inventory, we will send you an invoice via e-mail.  Payment is via check or Paypal.  After your payment is received we will schedule pick-up or delivery.

Type Cut Price In Stock? Notes
BeefBall Tip Roast$11.00/lbyesA versatile sirloin roast, about 3 lb/pkg
BeefBones, Neck$6.50/lbyesApprox 1 lb/pkg
BeefBrisket$12.00/lbyes1.8 - 3.0 lbs/pkg
BeefCarne Asada$11.00/lbyesApprox 1 lb/pkg
BeefCenter Cut Shanks$7.75/lbyes-
BeefChuck Steak$10.75/lbyesApprox 1 lb/pkg
BeefCube Steak$11.00/lbyesApprox 1 lb/pkg
BeefFlat iron steak$17.50/lbyesApprox 0.5-0.8 lb/pkg
BeefGround Beef - lean (1/2 lbs packages)$13.00/lbyesPrice per each 1/2 lb package is $6.50
BeefGround beef lean - less than 15% fat$11.00/lbyes1 lb/package
SnackJerky - Teriyaki$22.00/eayes6 oz packages
BeefNew York steak$23.00/lbyesApprox 0.6-1.0 lb/pkg
BeefPetit tender$16.00/lbyesApprox 1.0 - 1.5 lb/pkg, limited supply
BeefRib Eye$20.00/lbyes0.9 - 1.5 lb/package
BeefRib Steak$19.75/lbyes-
SausageSausage - Chopped Chorizo$12.25/lbyesApprox 1 lb/pkg
SausageSausage - Honey Garlic$12.25/lbyesApprox 1 lb/pkg
SausageSausage - Jalapeo Cheddar$12.25/lbyesApprox 1 lb/pkg
SausageSausage - Smoked Garlic Cheddar$12.25/lbyesApprox 1 lb/pkg
SausageSausage - Sweet Italian$12.25/lbyesApprox 1 lb/pkg
BeefSirloin Tip Steak$11.00/lbyes-

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